Cougar kills javelina (photo)

Ron Wehmeyer, sent in this amazing shot  of a huge cougar standing over its recently killed javelina on his ranch out in the Texas’ arid Trans Pecos region.

Having photographed many cougars over the years I estimate this one to be in the 150 pound range which is very large.photo2-1

Do not believe any of the so-called “experts” who say all of Texas’ cats are small. We do have some really big ones as this photo proves beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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Chester Moore, Jr.

One thought on “Cougar kills javelina (photo)”

  1. Big cats in Texas. Hopefully as long as these cats don’t harm livestock and the proposed use of Warfarin to control feral hogs doesn’t impact the Javelina population Texas Cougars will stand a chance of survival.

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