Deep Investigation Begins…

I am about to embark on the deepest and most involved wildlife journalist investigations I have ever conducted since embarking on this path 26 years ago.

I say investigation(s) plural because there are three separate issues I am looking at that I think have great relevance.

The first is the epidemic of youth poaching throughout North America. The hunting community has ignored it. The green community has ignored and only local media have picked up on isolated cases but it something we must get to the bottom of and quickly.

micro deer chester
The Wildlife Journalist® is ready to hit the field on three new investigations.

Me and my wife Lisa have dedicated our lives to working with children and teenagers so it’s not a knock on them but something is wrong out there when you have teens all around the country killing protected and endangered species.

The second issue that is gaining interest by the day is the possibility of sea snakes in the Gulf of Mexico. I have received some very interesting reports and it will require me to have a journey down the Gulf Coast and some some searching and one on one interviews.

This is a very exciting story and one I think that might surprise people here in the coming year.

The third issue is something I am not ready to speak on yet because the investigation has just begun but it promises to be…shocking…to say the least.

Are you interested yet?

I hope so.

You will not see me on here for awhile but I will pop up on live video updates from time to time at our official Facebook page. It could be as late as Jan. 2019 before I come back on here but I promise when I do I will have a bunch better handle on these stories and the kind of cutting-edge wildlife information-direct from the animal underground you deserve.

Headed to the woods and waters….

Chester Moore, Jr. (The Wildlife Journalist®)

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