Encountering The Bloody, Bearded Man In The Woods

“Encountering The Bloody, Bearded Man In The Woods”

Sensational title, huh?

After hearing my friend’s story of encountering an actual, bloody bearded man in the pre-dawn darkness on a hunting trip in upstate New York, that title just flowed out of me.

The podcast above is a must listen and continues my investigation into human dangers in the wildlands of North America.

The corporate wildlife media doesn’t broach the subject because they’re too busy selling you on climate change and ridiculous “reality” shows.

The hunting and fishing industry won’t touch it because..well I don’t know why, but these issues are glaringly absent from publications, television shows, and the blogosphere.

A few years back, someone asked me what I consider the most dangerous thing to encounter in the woods.

Without blinking I didn’t’ say bear, hog, or rattlesnake.

The answer was “people”.

After being chased off a mountain by drug runners in California in the early 2000s, finding structures in the woods on two occasions that were either meth labs or Jason from Friday the 13th’s shack and having a standoff with 100 plus drunk, high gun-shooting people on an island, it should be easy to see why.

There are a few goals I have in my exploring remote places.

  1. Make It Back Home (self-explanatory)
  2. Make It Back Home Without Being Ned Beatty’s Character In Deliverance (Watch the movie. You’ll understand. It scarred me.)
  3. Not run into a modern-day Ted Bundy. (A friend of mine found a tree carving of his in a remote area of national forest in Utah-you know the state where that monster killed eight women.

And sadly with the increasingly deranged state of the world, these types of things are possible. I want to use my platform as an internationally-known wildlife journalist to raise awareness to human dangers in the woods.

I don’t want folks to be scared but to be aware and make wise decisions based on knowledge.

If the only outdoors source of information you’re getting is some guy telling you how many shiners Mawmaw has left at the bait camp, it’s a good thing you’re reading this blog. It’s time to do some deep digging into what’s really happening out there which I have been doing for two years now.

I will be sharing more on this topic on this blog in the coming weeks.

I did a two-part series over at Higher Calling for the hunting and deep hiking community you can read here. It’s got my steps for staying safe which I will detail more here in coming posts.

Make sure and check out the podcast. If the bloody guy story is not enough, one of a man trying to get a woman in a van in a wooded area will.

After that,  if you’ve ever ran into a dangerous person in the woods, on the water or email me at chester@chestermoore.com.

I”d love to share your experiences with others. It might save someone’s life to know these things actually happen.

Chester Moore